• Quest advanced vapor cooled, vacuum shell technology insulates LH2 tanks for aircraft
  • Quest Discrete Spacer Technology supports thin, lightweight vacuum shell for Mars surface operation
  • Quest IMLI insulates part of Roman Space Telescope
  • Quest IMLI enables Lunar Environmental Monitoring Station to survive cold lunar night
  • Quest IMLI insulates cryogenic receiver dewar for NASA RRM3, first in-space cryogenic fluid transfer
  • Quest IMLI insulates the detector for Lucy spacecraft heading to Jupiter Asteroids
  • Quest IMLI insulation on the NASA GPIM spacecraft
  • Quest Load Bearing Insulation helps make NASA Reduced Boil-Off test a success

Phillip Tyler - Mechanical Engineer


Phillip Tyler is a Quest Thermal Group Mechanical Engineer with over 8 years experience in product development.  Phill has worked on various product development programs at several engineering firms, including medical devices, military vehicle design, scientific instrumentation and thermal insulation.

At Quest, Phill has worked on the complete range of xMLI products through a number of SBIR development programs. Leveraging his FEA experience from past programs he is our resident TAK/thermal modeling “expert”.  As well as engineering work Phill also manages our technicians and clean room/ manufacturing facilities. He brings expertise in designing fabrication processes and fixtures for xMLI manufacture. Passionate about pushing the limits, Phill enjoys working on the next generation of products and concepts. Phill has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.

Outside of work Phill is a busy father and husband. When time permits he is enthusiastic about designing, building and riding snowmobiles. As a fan of Colin Chapman’s work with Lotus, he strives to implement new concepts into his homemade creations. "Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere" – Colin Chapman.