Alan Kopelove - CEO, Scientist

Alan Kopelove is Quest Thermal Group CEO, an R&D Scientist and Program Manager with over 25 years experience in basic and applied research, technical product development, business development, tech transfer and thermal insulation development.  Alan has been Director for Technology Development, Product and Marketing Manager, business development consultant, a principal/founder of two companies and university faculty.  He has 30 publications or papers in various technical fields. Alan has an M.S. degree in Inorganic Analytical Chemistry and an Executive MBA from Daniels College of Business/University of Denver.

Alan manages technology and product development for Quest Thermal Group’s patented discrete spacer insulation technologies.  He is a Program Director for some of the thermal insulation programs. Alan manages the commercialization of the IMLI product family, working towards technology infusion into NASA and adoption by prime contractors, as well as programs for superinsulation for terrestrial applications.

Alan is an author on several recent thermal insulation papers including “Integrated and Load Responsive MLI” (Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, 2010), “Wrapped MLI for Cryogenic Piping” (Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, 2012), and “Novel Load Responsive MLI with high in-atmosphere and on-orbit thermal performance” (Cryogenics, 2012), "Design, Fabrication and Test of Load Bearing Multilayer Insulation to Support a Broad Area Cooled Shield" (Cryogenics, in press) and is a co-inventor on insulation patents.