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Company Intro

Quest Thermal Group is a technology and product development engineering firm, specializing in the design and development of advanced thermal insulation systems. Quest’s team consists of engineers, scientists and business development people with an average of 20 years experience. Starting in 2006, the team began working on advanced thermal insulation as one of our technology areas, and in 2012 a new business venture (Quest Thermal Group LLC) was formed to focus on the insulation business.

Quest, partnering with NASA and Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp, has developed ten specialized versions of our proprietary insulation using patented Discrete Spacer Technology. We have been awarded 13 contracts by multiple NASA centers for R&D work and numerous R&D contracts by Aerospace companies. Integrated MLI will have its first spaceflight on the Green Propellant Infusion Mission in 2015. Load Bearing MLI has been baselined by NASA for future cryogenic propellant storage and transfer technology demonstrations. And Quest/Ball Micrometeoroid/Orbital Debris advanced shield is the leading candidate to protect new spacecraft being designed to carry pressurized cargo to the ISS.

Quest Thermal is focused on developing and bringing to market advanced, next generation thermal insulation solutions for aerospace and terrestrial applications. We pride ourselves on being creative, inventive, capable engineers and scientists, with a product-centric vision.

Quest Thermal provides innovative thermal solutions. We develop and bring to market innovative, disruptive technology for a variety of thermal control applications, ranging from ultra-high performance insulation of cryogenic propellants on launch vehicles and spacecraft, to insulation for refrigerator/freezers reducing energy usage by 90%, to high temperature insulation for molten salt batteries for electric vehicles.



Providing innovative thermal solutions for improved energy use and control by mankind.



Quest Thermal provides innovative, customized thermal solutions for client's applications using advanced technology.  Quest creates advanced thermal products that enhance aerospace, industrial and commercial energy use. Quest Thermal is a premier provider of thermal solutions that benefit energy efficiency and conservation.


Core Team

The Quest Thermal Core Team, composed of scientists and engineers from Quest Thermal and Ball Aerospace, has been working together since 2006. Core Team Members include: