• Quest advanced vapor cooled, vacuum shell technology insulates LH2 tanks for aircraft
  • Quest Discrete Spacer Technology supports thin, lightweight vacuum shell for Mars surface operation
  • Quest IMLI insulates part of Roman Space Telescope
  • Quest IMLI enables Lunar Environmental Monitoring Station to survive cold lunar night
  • Quest IMLI insulates cryogenic receiver dewar for NASA RRM3, first in-space cryogenic fluid transfer
  • Quest IMLI insulates the detector for Lucy spacecraft heading to Jupiter Asteroids
  • Quest IMLI insulation on the NASA GPIM spacecraft
  • Quest Load Bearing Insulation helps make NASA Reduced Boil-Off test a success

IMLI Design Guide

IMLI Design Guide Overview
Quest Thermal Group has developed a next generation multi-layer insulation (MLI) technology called Integrated MLI (IMLI).  IMLI is based on discrete spacer technology that produces a robust, repeatable, precisely controlled multilayer insulation with lower heat leak per layer than traditional netting-separator MLI.

The IMLI Design Guide supplies Quest customers with tools to evaluate IMLI performance, and to help guide IMLI configuration for specific spacecraft/mission needs.

IMLI can be configured to optimize for thermal performance, mass, thickness, thermal conductivity, e* (effective emissivity), or structural load bearing requirements.  There are a number of ways to meet specific requirements and design tradeoffs can be made to optimize for a given program application.  As an example, data such as below is included in the IMLI Design Guide.

This Design Guide describes the IMLI system, discusses IMLI advantages over traditional MLI, describes thermal modeling inputs for SINDA-like thermal programs, discusses modeled heat fluxes and measured results (predictability), provides information on vibe and depressurization testing, and delves into IMLI design criteria for the thermal designer.

The IMLI Design Guide contains proprietary and confidential information, and accordingly is available to clients with an established relationship to Quest Thermal. Please contact Alan Kopelove (see Contact info) to discuss your application and requirements.