• Quest advanced vapor cooled, vacuum shell technology insulates LH2 tanks for aircraft
  • Quest Discrete Spacer Technology supports thin, lightweight vacuum shell for Mars surface operation
  • Quest IMLI insulates part of Roman Space Telescope
  • Quest IMLI enables Lunar Environmental Monitoring Station to survive cold lunar night
  • Quest IMLI insulates cryogenic receiver dewar for NASA RRM3, first in-space cryogenic fluid transfer
  • Quest IMLI insulates the detector for Lucy spacecraft heading to Jupiter Asteroids
  • Quest IMLI insulation on the NASA GPIM spacecraft
  • Quest Load Bearing Insulation helps make NASA Reduced Boil-Off test a success

NASA awards Quest Phase II contract for CLRMLI R&D

NASA has selected Quest for an SBIR Phase II R&D contract to continue development of Cellular Load Responsive MLI (CLR).  CLR is a high performance insulation system for launch  vehicles that provides high performance both in-air and in-space, and could replace problematic SOFI on launch vehicle. The Phase I program successfully demonstrated the feasibility of the CLR, with a prototype with measured heat fluxes of 46 W/m2 in-air and 11 W/m2 in-vacuum (compared to SOFI with 236 W/m2). CLRMLI is a novel technology with a cryopumping cellular core containing LRMLI insulation layers.  The self-pumping capability allows high thermal performance in-air and in-space. CLRMLI can provide ~80% lower propellant boiloff in launch vehicles, allowing larger payloads and increased coast times.