Cellular Load Responsive MLI

Quest's innovative concept Cellular Load Responsive MLI (CLR) combines some unique properties of our LRMLI load supporting insulation, advanced compartmentalized structures, and the ability to self-evacuate via cryopumping to form high internal vacuum when placed in contact with cryogenic tanks. 

Quest developed and tested CLR, which uses a cryopumped self-evacuating vacuum cell core with load bearing LRMLI within the compartments. CLR offers a structural, high performance insulation system that provides good thermal insulation both in-air (for ground and ascent phases) and in-vacuum (once in-space). CLR could provide 92% lower heat leak in-air during ground hold, and 97% lower heat leak in-space than SOFI.

NASA's Technology Roadmaps call "Zero Boil Off storage of cryogenic propellants for long duration missions" and "Nuclear Thermal Propulsion components and systems" the #2 and #7 ranked technical challenge for future NASA missions.