Thermal Insulation System Engineering

The Quest Thermal Group engineering team has been designing advanced insulation systems since 2007. This is the focus of our work and business.  We have developed expertise in the design, analysis, modeling, prototyping, installing and testing of ultra high performance insulation systems.

Our approach to the design and engineering of novel insulation starts with the physics of heat transfer.  We minimize heat transfer by radiation, conduction and convection using novel, proprietary and patented technology (such as Discrete Spacer Technology).

Quest next-generation IMLI uses discrete spacers to separate radiation barriers, with unique properties and opportunities to optimize the insulation system.  IMLI can be designed with various degrees of ruggedness, rigidity, in various shapes and panels, with various attachment methods to the underlying tank or spacecraft.  The spacers themselves can be engineered to optimize structural strength or heat conduction, or a balance of these properties for operation in-space or in-air.

Quest engineers have the capability to design an insulation system to meet a variety of product requirements, which might well include heat flux, number of layers, mass, thickness, cost, ease of installation or removal, attachment methods, ability to support various external loads, integrated vacuum shell, integrated MMOD shielding, integrated Vapor Cooled Shield or Broad Area Cooled Shield, resistance to aerodynamic forces, electrical continuity throughout structure, outer layer α/ϵ, and installation support on your vehicle, instrument or spacecraft.


Custom Engineering Services, Partnering and Development Programs

Quest is quite used to engineering new insulation systems to meet specific requirements – that’s what we do!  Our IMLI system is a structured, engineered system, which offers great advantages over traditional MLI with loosely sewn blankets of somewhat indeterminate density and structure.  As mentioned above, there are many variables that we can work with you on to design a custom insulation system for your exact application.

Quest, and our aerospace partner Ball Aerospace, are interested in working with clients to develop new products for their needs. Quest and Ball Aerospace can provide complete design, fabrication and installation services for your application.

We have begun developing commercial insulation systems for use in terrestrial applications such as refrigerator/freezers, LNG tank insulation, Hydrogen tank insulation, Vacuum Insulation Panels, and high temperature insulation for furnaces and molten salt batteries.

A variety of program approaches are potentially available, including licensing programs, client and internally funded development programs, joint ventures, exclusive partnerships, and private development programs.


xMLI manufacturing and installation services

Quest Thermal Group manufactures our patented, proprietary thermal insulation at our Arvada, Colorado facility.  IMLI, and derivative products (“xMLI”) are fabricated to order in our 5000 ft2 cleanroom facility.

Quest and Ball Aerospace can provide complete design, fabrication and installation services for your aerospace application.

Quest Thermal manufactures and supplies our insulation for commercial applications.